Austin Wondolowski is a photographer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although born in Billings, Montana, at the age of one his family moved to San Francisco which he’s considered “home” ever since. His passion for photography started in high school where he had daily courses in black and white photography. After studying photography briefly at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, life shifted and sent him in a different direction. He moved to Seattle and graduated from the Art Institute with a focus on graphic design. For years, he worked in graphic design and computer related fields until making the shift into art consulting and national administration for a fine art photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Working so closely around photography rekindled his passion to work in the one medium he had always adored. In 2006, he received a Canon digital SLR as a gift. Though wary at first if the leap from film to digital would take—sure enough, it spread like wildfire. After leaving Las Vegas, he spent a year living in New York City, where he photographed his first dudeoir style sessions, before coming back to the west coast and living in Los Angeles for 3 years. It was in Los Angeles that he truly found his footing in the photography world. After photographing countless landscape, cityscape, nature, portrait sessions, editorial spreads, nightlife events and, dudeoir sessions he decided to move back to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013. Austin continues to photograph models in the San Francsico Bay Area, where he also works full-time in the technology field and is earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.